Interior design trend is always convenient, comfortable and cozy. However, there are designs that only make the homeowner’s wallet run out of lawsuits, but not as effective as expected.
1. Bar

Alesya Nestyak is a famous furniture specialist in Saint Petersburg (Russia). Having a lot of experience in interior design, she has shown that many people love designing bars to add functionality and convenience to use.

However, in fact, most families with bars reflect that they are not suitable for food preparation and also take up quite a lot of space in the kitchen.

If your home has enough space, choose a kitchen island instead. The kitchen island will be perfect for more functions and especially with enough space for both people who want to eat and those who want to cook.

Những thiết kế nội thất tốn tiền vô ích nhưng lại rất nhiều nhà mắc phải - Ảnh 1.

2. Shelves

The shelf looks extremely cute and eye-catching at magazine websites or actual stores, but it is a nightmare for ordinary kitchens. If the kitchen is completely used only with the function of heating food or making tea, making coffee, the shelf is completely reasonable. However, installing shelves in frequently used kitchens will cause you a headache in arranging furniture, it is also more difficult to arrange the space above the shelves to overcome the clutter because there are too many dishes, dishes, cups, cups need to be stored.